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Outriders Demo – File Size, Launch Times and New Exciting Details

The Outriders demo is going live next week on 25 February 2021 and those of you who are interested in test driving the upcoming third-person RPG shooter can do so across PS5, PS4, Xbox and PC. Developer, People Can Fly shared some useful information users need to know when it comes to the Outriders demo including when you can download it and what you need in order to play it.


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For starters, the Outriders demo is not a beta test. Users don’t need to have pre-ordered the game in order to get access to the experience. Everyone on supported platforms can play it. Users won’t need to have an active PlayStation Plus subscription in order to play the demo. However, the will need an Xbox Gold subscription if they want to play online.

Outriders Demo File Size and Launch Times

According to the developer, the Outriders demo will go live at 09:00 PST, 12:00 EST, 17:00 GMT, 18:00 CET, 19:00 SAT, 04:00 AEDT (26 Feb). The demo will be available on PS5, PS4 Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC through Steam.

The file size for the Outriders demo ranges from 24GB for PC to 22GB for consoles. However, the developer does state that this could change so don’t be surprised if it is bigger or smaller. There’s also no pre-loading planned for the demo so you will have to download it when it is available in your region.

Outriders PS5 Xbox Series X Square Enix People Can Fly Next-Gen PC System Requirements

Cross-play is enabled for the demo but by default, it will be turned off in your settings. If you want to play Outriders in cross-play you need to turn it on. the Outriders demo is also set to remain online for an indefinite amount of time. There’s no time limit to complete it and even when the game launches on 1 April 2021, the demo will still be available for users to test.

When it comes to the content in the Outriders demo, users can look forward to playing the game’s prologue and opening chapter. Gear you find and enemies you encounter will be early game variants. The full game will of course include more content with better the gear and stronger the enemies.

It is unclear how long the Outriders demo will last but People Can Fly says that the playthrough runs up until the showdown with Gauss, the first rival altered. In addition, there are some side missions that unlock once you beat him and users can head back and explore the world for more hidden secrets.

Even though the demo sounds quite short, players will be able to test-drive all four classes and make up to six different character builds. The level cap for the Outriders demo is 7. The developer says that this allows players to earn two skill points that can be applied to your skill tree. In addition, each class will unlock the fourth ability allowing for some freedom to mix and match active skills in the demo.

Outriders PS5 Xbox Series X Square Enix People Can Fly Next-Gen

Even though you will most likely max out your character’s level quite fast, the Outriders demo includes up to World Tier 5. This means the difficulty spikes and users can take on the missions in a much more challenging light. Enemies are tougher and rare gear can drop. However, the drop chance for a legendary piece of gear is still very low.

Player progress from the Outrider demo is carried over to the main game. This means that resources in the demo will be capped so that players can’t max out their inventory and get an upper hand when the game launches. Players also won’t be able to take advantage of the crafting system which only unlocks in the main game after completing the demo content.

Lastly, users can’t transfer their progress from the Steam demo to the Epic Games Store full game. You can stay up to date with the Outriders demo and everything else by joining the Discord server here. Again, the demo releases on 25 February 2021. Check out a trailer for the game down below:

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