Outriders Pyromancer Class, Gameplay Length and More Revealed

"Outriders will take 25-30 hours to complete."

Another Outriders stream took place last night and detailed the upcoming game’s Pyromancer and overall game structure. We at least now know how the game will play out and what players will do during their initial playthrough. According to developer People Can Fly, Outriders will take players 25-30 hours to complete if they only play the main story. However, the game is three times longer if they complete all the side content.

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Outriders is not an open-world game. Instead, it used large maps, hubs and side areas to expand on the progression. Different hubs will include towns that hold story missions and side quests. Players will also come in contact with NPCs stashed away in caves and other settlements. Every NPC that gives out a quest will reward the player with loot and other items. This makes exploring each hub worthwhile. By the sound of things, it kind of reminds me of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Best of all, players can also complete these missions at any level as the rewards scale off your current level.

Players can travel between all these areas in their Outrider truck. While players cannot directly control it, it acts as a teleportation method to get to and from each hub. Players can customize this truck and recruit new members to the crew to help manage it.

People can fly showcased the new Pyromancer class which is all about fire. The class specializes in mid-range combat and is sort of the “wizard” of Outriders. Players who choose the Pyromancer will want to keep their distance from enemies and attack from afar. They can burn enemies with damage over time and large area attacks which also heal the Pyromancer when they die.

The Pyromancer looks pretty badass. Thermal Bomb marks an enemy causing them to burn. If the burning enemy dies, it then explodes dealing massive damage to nearby enemies. Ash Blast sends out a wave of ash around the character stunning all nearby enemies. People Can Fly also revealed the Heatwave Pyromancer ability that sends a line of fire out in front of them setting enemies on fire at the same time. Overheat deals minor fire damage to all enemies in an area marking them for the healing ability. You can then combine Overheat with the Thermal Bomb dealing massive damage.

There’s a lot more to the Pyromancer which People Can Fly did not reveal during the Outriders stream. In addition, the studio confirmed that the game won’t offer any PvP or competitive multiplayer. They also confirmed players can have multiple characters per account.

Stay tuned in August for the next Outriders stream. The game is releasing on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One X this holiday. Watch the stream down below and catch up with the first stream here.

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