Outriders Servers Crash Yet Again, Players Report Empty Inventories

"Players report wiped inventory slots"

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Outriders Servers Crash Yet Again, Players Report Empty Inventories

The Outriders servers went offline again last night for the third evening in a row. Around 18:00 SAT, People Can Fly reported server instability which slowly led to yet another 6-hour outage. Players could not log into the game and when they did, they were unable to play for long before being kicked off the server over and over again.

While the Outriders servers seem to be stable for now, players are reporting massive loot loss which has taken place since the servers went back online in the early hours of this morning. On Twitter, one player claims he has lost around 95% of his loot when he logged into the game.

On Reddit, players are expressing their frustration at the Outriders lost loot. Many of them claim that the game wiped their entire inventory after being booted off the server. This issue is present across all platforms and all World Tier levels. One player says that he was level 20 with World Tier 9 and lost every piece of gear he had when he logged back into the game.

Right now it seems that playing Outriders is a gamble. With the constant server issues, which are going into the fourth day, and player’s inventories being wiped, is the game worth the risk? Perhaps hang on until a patch is released that fixes the biggest issues? Or you could just pretend the issues don’t exist until you get booted off the game and log back in to no gear in your possession. Be sure to keep up to date with the game’s known issues on Reddit here 

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