Outriders Storing 23GB of Crash Dump Files on Your PC and You Had No Idea it Was Happening
"Delete these before you're out of space"
Outriders Review Outriders Crash Dump Files
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If you are playing Outriders on PC and your game is crashing a lot then you might want to check out your C drive. According to Reddit users, the game tends to stuff up to 23GB worth of crash dump reports in a hidden folder that you will probably miss.

Users discovered that every time Outriders crashes on PC, it is a lot depending on your setup, the game builds crash dump reports and stores them in a folder that you will never think to visit. This is not unusual for Unreal Engine games but the sheer size of these Outriders dumps makes them something you should probably look into.


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The Outriders crash dump reports are stored in a folder called “Madness”, which is the game’s codename. You can find these files by heading to the following path on your PC. Users/[Your Name]/AppData/Local/Madness/Saved.

Inside that folder, you will find loads of crash dump files that are chowing down on your C drive’s storage. Some users reported the folder weighed in at 23GB while other claims their dump files were only 1-2GB big. Still, storage space is not something to joke around about and if your Outriders is crashing a lot, these files have probably built up quite high by now.

This is just one of the dozens of issues players are currently facing in the game. This morning we reported on mass inventory wipes that saw players losing every gun and piece of gear they owned. In addition, players have been unable to load these characters into their game. People Can Fly have quite a big job ahead of them as they try and make Outriders a somewhat stable and enjoyable experience.

Source: Reddit






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