Outriders Suffers From 5-Hour Server Outage For The Second Day in a Row
"Unplayable for the second day now"
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People Can Fly had a rough night managing the countless Outriders server outrages that plagued the game. The developer struggled to keep the game servers afloat which crashed at 19:00 SAT.

While there were a handful of attempts to get the servers up and running during the outage, with many of them seeing players logging back into the game, at one stage People Can Fly were forced to completely shut down the online infrastructure.


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Finally, at 00:30 SAT, the Outriders server returned. This marked a full 5-hour outage which saw players unable to log in and enjoy the game. Keep in mind that it was the second night in a row where players were unable to log into Outriders. This following the typical launch night server issues that rendered the game unplayable.

Players were a lot less forgiving last night when the major outage occurred. Many of them complaining that while Xbox users did not pay for the game, PC and PlayStation gamers did and they expect it to work on the second day. Some players were also complaining that after 48 hours, they had yet to pass the demo progression due to the constant crashes and server kicks.

People Can Fly claim that Outriders is now up and running but players are still reporting issues. Many of them claim that the server keeps removing them from the game while other report lost gear after logging back in. Others are unable to log into the game at all. This being while the Outriders server status page says the game is “Operational”.

Apart from the Outriders servers which seem to be potatoes, the game is also suffering from some major bugs and issues across all platforms. People Can Fly were forced to disable the pre-order Earthborn gear after it caused player’s games to hang after equipping it for the first time. There are also major issues across the game’s crossplay feature, stuttering on PC and crashes on consoles.

Perhaps Outriders was launched a little too early? Keep up to date with the current mess by following the Outriders Twitter page and keep checking the status page for updates on the server issues. Although, the page seems to be incorrect most of the time.






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