Over 7 Million People Sat and Watched the Fortnite Black Hole
Fortnite Chapter 2 Performance issues Fortnite FPS drops Epic Games Fortnite Patch Fortnite Chapter 2 issues
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Fortnite has been online for about a week now following its two-day offline period after the game was eaten up by a black hole. The event was one of the biggest social media happenings of the year and not only resulted in pop stars discovering the game like Lady Gaga, but also it broke records with more than 7 million concurrent viewers on Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube.

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Epic Games revealed to The Verge that the event, called “The End”, reached record-breaking numbers on Twitter and Twitch and became one of the most viewed gaming events on YouTube ever.

Twitch claims 1.7 million people were viewing either the official Fortnite stream or streams of the event hosted by other popular content creators. 50.7 million minutes were watched of the event on Twitter and it was viewed 42.8 million times. While YouTube did well at 1.4 million concurrent viewers, the other two platforms did a lot better, but given how YouTube has become an all-around platform more than a dedicated one, this was expected.

Epic Games claims that the Fortnite Black Hole event, or “The End” hit 4.3 million concurrent viewers across all channels. Put the numbers together and you have a crazy 7 million people tuning into the event across the three platforms including YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter.

The Fortnite Black Hole event kicked off Chapter 2 and Season 11 but things are not going so great thus far. Major performance issues were spotted on the first day of the revamped game being live which Epic Games are slowly fixing. Regardless, the numbers speak for themselves, everyone loved watching the Fortnite black hole as they waited for Chapter 2 and Season 11 to kick off.

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