Riot Games will not stand for Valorant cheaters. The studio announced that they have issued over 9,000 bans already since the beta kicked off a few weeks ago. In addition, they plan on rolling out more in the coming weeks as they begin to aggressively take care of those who cheat in the game. Keep in mind that it is not easy at all to get a Valorant closed beta code at this time. Potential players can only get codes through Twitch meaning you need to work in order to participate. Many want to throw the opportunity away by cheating.

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Riot Games anti-cheat developer Phillip Koskinas tweeted that nearly 9,000 accounts had been banned from playing Valorant to date. In addition, he confirmed this latest banwave is just the start.

Despite Valorant being in early development, the developers intend to aggressively shut down hacks and other cheats in the game. However, Riot Games has come under fire in recent weeks for its anti-cheat program “Vanguard”. Users have criticized the software for constantly running in the background on their PCs. In addition, the software would occasionally shut down suspicious drivers including mouse and keyboard support.

Riot promises the aggressive Vanguard software will calm down as development on Valorant progresses. However, it will still keep the game as cheat-resistant as possible. In a statement regarding the latest Valorant cheaters, Riot said;

We can confirm these are VALORANT account bans, including hardware bans, but we won’t share much more details beyond that. We’ll be doing these throughout all of beta and launch, as this has always been our commitment from day 1, but probably never at a ‘set’ cadence because we like spooking cheaters.

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