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Overwatch 2 Players Losing Account Progression and Still Facing Server Issues

Two days into the launch of Overwatch 2 and the experience has been nothing short of underwhelming for players. After suffering two so-called “DDoS” attacks that apparently prevented players from logging into the game for almost twelve hours after launch, Blizzard is now struggling to get the new SMS Protect system to work properly and losing account progression.

Players are still reporting that logging into Overwatch 2 takes what feels like forever. Long queues get in the way of playing the game and many users are stuck at the loading screen due to server issues and stability problems. However, Blizzard claims the company is slowly increasing the nodes in its player database to help ease players into the game.

Outside of the loading and server issues, the SMS Protect system seems to be the next big problem. In order to log into Overwatch 2 players need to have a registered cellphone number on their Battle Net account. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be working as intended either. Blizzard plans to temporarily disable this SMS system in the coming days to help players sign-up and log into Overwatch 2.

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The biggest issue with the SMS Protect system at the moment seems to stem from transferring your account information from the original Overwatch game to Overwatch 2. Users report that they are losing progress, skins and other unlockables which they earned in the previous game. Blizzard is aware of this account merger issue where users are either losing everything on their accounts or losing some items.

In an attempt to rectify the problem, the SMS Protect system will be disabled on Friday. Blizzard also plans on rolling out more network fixes by the coming weekend to help with the problem. At the moment, there’s no real fix for any of the current issues until Blizzard changes something on its side.

It doesn’t look good for Blizzard at the moment. Either you can’t log into Overwatch 2 to play the game or when you finally do log in, you don’t have any of your progress at all making it a waste of time to play the game.

Overwatch 2 is now available (unplayable) on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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