Palworld Developer Seemingly Teasing PS5 Version

Palworld developer Pocket Pair is seemingly teasing a PS5 version of the game, though there are no details about when it come to Sony’s platform. The best-selling game initially launched on Xbox Series X/S and PC earlier this year to some of the highest player numbers in recent memory despite it being an early access title. There has been some rumours about a PlayStation version but it looks like work is currently being done on it.

Bucky, the community manager for Palworld, recently put out an interesting post on Twitter/X displaying various heart colours. The colours seemingly represent different platforms (green and white for Xbox, for example) but Bucky also posted new emojis in the same post with blue hearts, which is typically associated with PlayStation. This has led many to believe that Pocket Pair is teasing the arrival of a PS5 version.

Palworld didn’t release on PS5 earlier this year but it still managed to draw in record-breaking player numbers, topping the Xbox and Steam charts for weeks after launch. PlayStation players were left out in the cold for the early access release of Palworld, though there might be an opportunity to play the game on Sony’s console soon.

Pocket Pair previously teased new content coming to the game. This includes the Pal Arena, a PvP mode where players can battle against each other using their Pals. The update doesn’t have an official release date yet but it’s expected to arrive later this year. Palworld is also receiving four new Pals and a new location.

Palworld is available on Xbox Series X/S and PC. It’s also available as part of the Xbox Game Pass library.

Source: Bucky

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