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Park Beyond Dev Diary Details Impossified Rides, Rollercoaster Maker And More

Park Beyond was originally announced last year and while we won’t get to play it until sometime in 2023, developer Limbic Entertainment has released the first dev diary to showcase more of this crazy simulator. For those who don’t know, Park Beyond is in development for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. The game aims to take amusement park building to the next level as players create rides and experiences that they could only dream of.

A big focus in Park Beyond is the idea of ‘Impossifying’ your rides. This means taking a thrill ride which you would find at any average theme park and turning it into something that would definitely be a health hazard in real life. In Park Beyond, players will end up impossifying all their rides by adding crazy over-the-top elements to the experience to make the ride even cooler.

This means creating a Ferris Wheel that has a dozen rotating cylindrical contraptions, a disc ride that literally throws you into the air and even a tornado machine that whisks guests around as you spiral through the air. The idea of impossify sound really great and if anything, will set Park Beyond apart from your average simulator.

Park Beyond also breaks limits when it comes to building rollercoasters. You won’t be penalized for rides that are too crazy for guests. You can create any rollercoaster experience possible even if it defies the laws of physics and could possibly kill someone in real life. Limbic Entertainment says that as long as your rollercoaster has a start and an endpoint, it doesn’t matter what happens in between.

Give the first Park Beyond dev diary a watch below and honestly, support these devs who are working really hard to make this great-looking game. As a huge fan of park simulators, I can’t wait to play this.

We’d actually been debating: What is our special recipe for [Park Beyond?] And someone said ‘I wanna shoot people out of a canon across my park.'” In this series of Dev Diaries, you’ll meet the people behind Park Beyond, discover how Impossification started, and how it influences everything in the flow of the game’s creation; from art, to sound, to mechanics, and to the most unbelievable rollercoasters Customization, freedom and creativity are the watchwords on this journey, stay tuned for more episodes soon..

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