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Payday 3 is Launching an Offline Mode in Response to Low Sales

Payday 3 is launching an offline mode in response to sales and player activity that are at “significantly lower levels” than Starbreeze Studios initially predicted. The company promises some big overhauls to the game this year in order to bring players back in, including offline play, improved stability and new content as part of its 2024 roadmap.

As reported by PlayStation LifeStyle, the offline mode for Payday 3 will be implemented in two stages. The first will be a local standalone solo mode that still requires players to connect to the internet for progression and unlocks, though they won’t have to go through the headache of matchmaking. The second stage will completely remove the need for a constant internet connection but it will still need online access to track and upload progression.

Starbreeze Studios will also be rebuilding the game’s matchmaking into a more “robust” system that will presumably allow players to find matches more easily. A number of improvements will be coming to Payday 3 via frequent updates throughout 2024 including quickplay functionality, recurring smaller content drops, controller improvements, daily activities and rewards, communication wheel changes and much more.

Payday 3 had one of the rockiest launches of 2023 and that’s saying something considering the amount of titles that launched last year in broken, unfinished states. The game was heavily criticised for its lack of content, bothersome server issues and watered down nature, making it almost unplayable. You can read our full review to find out more about the game’s shortcomings.

Despite the negative reception surrounding the game at launch – and a dwindling player count that’s currently barely averaging 350 players each day on Steam – Starbreeze is still pushing forward with a bunch of new content including new heists coming this year. On the bright side, the studio confirmed that it has no plans to introduce battle passes to the game.

Source: PlayStation LifeStyle

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