Payday 3 New Heists No Battle Pass Starbreeze

Payday 3 New Heists in The Works – No Battle Pass Planned

Payday 3 will receive new heists and updates in the near future, developer Starbreeze Studios has announced. Additionally, the studio also confirmed that there are currently no plans to add a battle pass to the game, as is common with so many AAA releases today.

Starbreeze didn’t give players a time frame for when these new heists for Payday 3 will be released but it seems like the studio is taking feedback into account from its rocky launch and aiming to improve the game with more content (and maybe win some good faith points by excluding a battle pass). A new patch is on its way on 5 October but there are currently no plans to change the often-criticised progression system in the game, at least for now.

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Payday 3 officially launched last month after some rather controversial time in early access, though it pretty much flew under the radar. As of writing, it currently holds a low 65 top critic average rating on OpenCritic with only 36% of critics actually recommending the product. In our review, we had some harsh words to say about Payday 3 overall:

“It feels like a shameful clone of Payday 2 that someone made in their garage while trying to capture the magic of the original games. Not a sequel made by the same studio that kept us entertained for the past ten years. Kind of ironic how so many studios have tried to recreate Payday 2’s excellence with horrible clones only for Starbreeze to try the same thing themselves.”

Thanks to large-scale server outages, many players were barely able to get into the game at launch and it still seems to be ongoing problem today. Fans criticised the always-online requirement to play Payday 3, even for its single-player content. As you can imagine, players weren’t very happy to discover that the new entry – unlike its predecessors which offered offline single-player content – needed to be online all the time.

Payday 3 is now available for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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