PC Leads as Developers’ Favourite Gaming Platform
PC gaming
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Last week we reported that 18 percent of developers are currently working on next-gen games. The report came from the Game Developers Conference that surveyed 4,000 developers across the industry. The report has revealed a lot more about PC gaming and development in general.

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The results showed that PC remains the most popular gaming platform among developers and mobile gaming is still growing at a rapid rate. The survey showed that 56 percent of developers had released their last game on PC and that 6 percent of them said their next game would release on PC with only 32 percent working on PS4 and 25 percent on mobile/tablets.

When asked what platform interests developers the most right now, 60 percent of them chose PC with the Nintendo Switch at 45 percent. Steam is still the marketplace of choice with 47 percent of PC developers using it to sell their games. Only 6 percent of all developers surveyed believe that Steam’s 30 percent cut Valve takes from sales is justified and 32 percent believe Valve is wrong. The remainder is stuck between “maybe” and “they don’t know”.

The survey revealed quite a lot of information about the current development of games and the numbers are staggering. PC gaming seems to be very popular right now and it could be due to the massive performance improvements over consoles thanks to RTX and other graphical hardware. Still, no matter how popular PC development is, consoles will always be where the money is regardless of hardware.






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