People Actually Believe Sony Paid Capcom To Delay Monster Hunter World
"It did not happen"
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne pc release date Iceborne PC features Capcom Sony Paid Capcom
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Monster Hunter World, which released in 2018 and was a massive success for Capcom, did not release on PC at the time. Over the past few hours, Twitter user AsteriskAmpers1 sparked up a rumour that Sony initially paid Capcom to block Monster Hunter World’s release on PC and also forced Capcom to disable cross-play for the game. However, that is not the case.

According to AsteriskAmpers1, who originally tweeted the information that came from a leaked meeting document between Sony and Capcom, the deal was actually based on marketing expenditure for the expansion of Monster Hunter WorldIceborne“.


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The user initially claimed that Sony paid to have the PC version of Monster Hunter World delayed and the announcement pushed back. They also stated in a tweet that Sony was the reason why cross-play and cross-save support was disabled for the game.

It did not take long before the truth came out that contradicted the user’s claims. Upon closer inspection of the leaked Capcom meeting documents, they did not hold any details regarding the so-called “paid agreement”. Instead, they only mention an exclusive marketing deal for Monster Hunter World that stipulated a 30% marketing expenditure cap for Iceborne on PC.

The user has since stated they “misunderstood” the deal and misinterpreted the document. However, he has yet to share any information on the claims that Sony blocked cross-play and cross-save support for the game.

Gaming analyst Daniel Ahmed explains the agreement and clarifies that the document, while detailing the marketing cut, does not mention anything about “making the game worse” on another platform.

Source: Twitter






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