People Are Losing Their Minds Over Real “Fallout New Vegas” Mosquito

Fallout New Vegas Giant Mosquito
People Are Losing Their Minds Over Real “Fallout New Vegas” Mosquito

A giant mosquito has been found in Argentina that people are referring to as “The Cazador”. For those who don’t know, a Cazador is a giant deadly, man-eating mosquito found in Fallout New Vegas. While this Argentinian mosquito is not as big as the video game comparison, its size is unworldly and it has sparked some geeks to comment on the finding.

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Many of them saying the mosquito is the same size as the ones seen in the original Jumanji film. We think it compares to the one that bites Will Farrel in Land of the Lost and sucks almost all the blood out of his body. Given the size of this thing, we won’t be surprised if it was possible.

The mosquito is definitely a lot larger than anything we have ever seen before in the mozzy family but even the smaller comparison mosquito is pretty big compared to the ones we get in South Africa (I thought we had it bad here already).

The image was spotted on Twitter a while back but has recently gone viral online with the hashtag #EzequielLobo. Apparently, the giant bug found a home in the city of Corboda in central Argentina.

Look at the size of the mosquito that just came in through my window. He came in like a champion, my mother panicked and sprayed it with Raid. I haven’t found anything similar online. Either it’s Chernobyl’s new evolution or I just found out that I am in Jumanji.

Ian Miles Cheong, Managing Editor at says the universe is a simulation and also compared the giant mosquito to the Cazador found in Fallout New Vegas. According to insect expert Micheal H. Reiskind, the giant mosquito is known as the Psorophora ciliata and usually appears after flooding. Their bite can cause severe pain but they do not carry disease so only pose a risk to those allergic to the insect.

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