People Can Fly Couldn’t Even Launch Outriders Worldslayer Without Server Issues

"Old issues return"

Outriders Worldslayer
People Can Fly Couldn’t Even Launch Outriders Worldslayer Without Server Issues

Outriders is getting its new expansion content this week called Worldslayer. The expansion is set to launch tomorrow on 30 June. However, those who pre-ordered the content were granted 48-hour early access to the expansion meaning they were able to play the game already yesterday. Sadly, People Can Fly once again proved they are terrible at launching online games as the early access period for Worldslayer was off to a rocky start.

If you have been a player of Outriders since launch you’ll remember how unplayable the game was back last year. If anything, Outriders was completely broken for around two weeks after launch. This was mainly due to major server issues that caused players to lose progress, deleted entire characters and players could not log into the game and be constantly kicked from the server.

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While it took the studio weeks to fix the launch issues, these server problems popped up now and then when new content was released for Outriders and without fail, it happened yesterday again when the Worldslayer content went live. Players who had 48-hour early access were disappointed to see that for the first 12 hours of launch, the game was inaccessible.

People Can Fly claimed on Twitter that the studio was working on a server update which wouldn’t affect any ongoing sessions. However, at the time players were already unable to log into the game due to server bottlenecks. Two hours later and players were still struggling to play the game and those who were able to log into the game were kicked from the lobby.

This morning at 5 am, players were finally able to get into the game and play Outriders Worldslayer without being booted from the service. Keep in mind that this expansion launched at 7 pm last night which means players lost a major chunk of their early access.

There’s a high probability of more server issues returning tomorrow as the expansion officially launches. People Can Fly struggled to release game updates without crashing the server so this expansion is proving to be quite a challenge. Outriders is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox and PC. Worldslayer pre-orders will still unlock early access to the expansion.

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