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People Can Fly Reveal Why Outriders Does Not Have a PvP Mode, Tease More To Come

Outriders is set to launch on 1 April 2021 for current and last-gen platforms and those of you who are looking for a looter-shooter might be in for a treat. In case you missed it, there is an Outriders demo currently live across all platforms. You can find out more about it here.

The game is strictly a PvE experience and for those wondering why there’s no PvP in Outriders, developer People Can Fly shared some insight into why they left the mode out. In short, it all comes down to balancing the experience for players and in order to have both PvE and PvP in Outriders, it would have been impossible to deliver both systems to the standard People Can Fly wanted to achieve.


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Outriders is focused on the RPG elements which requires a load of systems running at the same time. Much of the game’s core and balancing relies on making it work for PvE so the focus from the start of development was a player versus enemy experience.

Outriders would have been a drastically different game across the board if People Can Fly worked on delivering a PvP mode due to the balancing and changes needed in order to have the modes seamless across one another.

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While Outriders is not a Games as a Service Game (GAAS), People Can Fly says they are not done with the game when they launch it. In a recent group session, lead game designer Piotr Nowakowski and Creative Director Bartek Kmita were asked about the future of Outriders in which they teased “more to come”.

That is still the case, so we are not a Games as a Service (GaaS), nothing has changed here. We were temped in the beginning to go this way, but we want to go into the different process and realize that these systems…didn’t make progress for us, and not making the game better and it just basically made the game worse, so we decided to resign from it.

For example I can give the story component, the Games as a Service was a little bit difficult for us to chop into serious content. This would put things differently, and we realized this game has a whole story where it has a beginning to end so basically, not working (GaaS) for us, And there were other systems that weren’t exactly working, I know it sounded because most of the shooter competitors are doing the Games as a Service that this can work great, but somehow in our mind it worked differently and (we were thinking) more old-school like Diablo, Diablo-style.

What’s important is when we release the game that doesn’t mean we abandon the game, and we don’t want to work on this game anymore. If we have the player base, People (PCF) will be willing to say this works for sure to produce more content, produce more adventures, and activities for the people. It doesn’t have to always as a Games as a Service system, rather maybe fit it into bigger blocks with the daily chores or daily quests or however you call it.

Outriders is set to launch on 1 April 2021 for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. Check out the latest trailer down below.

Source: MP1ST

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