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Persona 6 Reportedly Releasing in Late 2024

There has been plenty of speculation online about when Atlus will finally announce Persona 6, the long-awaited next entry in the beloved Persona franchise. While Atlus already confirmed that it was working on Persona 6 a few years ago, we’ve heard nothing about it since then. A new report now claims that the game will apparently be released in late 2024, though probably won’t make an appearance at the upcoming PlayStation Showcase.

The report originates from Nate the Hate, a leaker who has a decent track record when it comes to insider information on games. The leaker claims that Persona 6 was originally supposed to be announced last year by Atlus but feared the late 2024 release window would be too far off from the reveal. Since we’re closer to that window now, Nate the Hate speculates that the game wil likely show up later this year, possibly at Tokyo Game Show in September as opposed to the PlayStation Showcase tomorrow.

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Persona 6 will also reportedly not be coming to PS4, though there might be a timed exclusivity deal in place to appear on PS5 first before finally heading to other platforms like Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X/S. Things could easily change from now until release, though, as we currently don’t know if any first-party deals might be struck.

Additionally, Nate the Hate also claims that the rumoured Persona 3 remake will release before Persona 6 and agrees that it will likely be announced at the Xbox Games Showcase this June. Finally, the leaker believes a spin-off Persona game is also in development and scheduled to release sometime in 2024, though no details were shared about this.

As with all rumours and reports, take this with a pinch of salt until we have some confirmation from either Sega or Atlus. That said, Persona 6 is a bit overdue for a reveal and the timing is great.

Source: Nate the Hate

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