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Persona 6 Will Reportedly Take Place in High School Again

If there was any doubt that Persona 6 wouldn’t take place in a high school setting, a new report now claims that it will indeed take place in high school again. All of the previous games in the franchise predominantly took place in high schools so this news shouldn’t come as a surprise – much to the dismay of some fans who wanted the sixth installment to stretch its wings and take place in a different setting with an older cast.

According to reliable leaker Midori, who has been very accurate when it came to Sega and Atlus leaks in the past, Persona 6 will once again feature a high school setting. Most responses to this leak have been “well, duh” as all Persona games revolve around high schoolers and there’s nothing to suggest that it would feature an adult cast. That’s part of the charm of the games, to be fair, as balancing your school schedule with your social life is key to the role-playing aspect.

A previous leak from Midori claimed that Atlus was targeting a 2025 release for Persona 6 alongside the rumour that a new Shin Megami Tensei game was in the works. Beyond that, we know very little about the next mainline Persona game. A leak from back in June 2023 compiled a list of rumours and potential details about the title, though it should all be taken with a huge grain of salt.

A bunch of reported internal delays pushed Persona 6 out of its rumoured 2023 release all the way to next year. While fans patiently await the next big entry in the long-running RPG franchise, Atlus recently released Persona 3 Reload, a full remake of the third game, complete with revamped content, visuals and UI. If you’re curious about picking it up, make sure you read our full review first.

Source: Midori

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