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PETA Says Palworld Players Don’t Want to Eat Their ‘Pals’ – A Vegan Option Should Exist

PETA has lashed out against Palworld and its so-called Palcruelty. If you haven’t played the game, you likely don’t know that while Pals (the monsters you recruit) fight in combat, they are also a source of nutrition. This means players can eat them to survive in the world.

We knew this was a feature already when Palworld was first announced. The original trailers showed a literal slaughterhouse for Pals where a conveyor belt would escort certain creatures to their end for meat and other materials. Many of these Pals are also forced into labour and abused by people.

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The main game has a lot more cruelty in it. You can bash Pals around, capture them and force them to work in your base. They are nothing more than fighting machines, free labour and of course, food.

PETA isn’t happy about this at all. The organization has issued a statement on behalf of so-called “many Palworld fans” saying that certain fans out there don’t want to eat their Pals. PETA says there should be a vegan option for these players. It followed up by saying it is “Veganuary” (I had no idea this was a thing) and that we should help animals by eating vegan both in-game and in the real world.

“PETA has already heard from many Palworld fans who have no interest in eating ‘Pals’ and want a vegan guide created for the game. It’s ‘Veganuary’ after all, and gamers want to help animals by eating vegan in their game worlds and outside.”

Keep in mind that eating Pals in Palworld is likely the least of the worries here. Palworld dives into other sensitive themes including slavery and animal abuse. But it is a video game and as video games go, no one cares. PETA can’t complain about the “non-vegan” options in Palworld but sideline the labour camps and Pal abuse.

If you’re playing Palworld and have an issue with eating your Pals but you’re okay setting them up for a life of forced labour, maybe you should just close the game and move on to something else. Just wait until tthe planned battles arenas come to the game where Pals will fight each other to the death.

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