PewDiePie Made a Video on Jacob Zuma and it is the Best Thing You Will See Today
PewDiePie Jacob Zuma
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I am not the biggest fan of PewDiePie but when I saw “South Africa” pop up on my timeline with his icon next to it, I was intrigued to see what it was about. Eleven minutes later and I found myself in stitches after watching PewDiePie tear our former president Jacob Zuma apart.

The video titled “The President of South Africa’s Numbers” is mainly a joke about Zuma’s lack of mathematical skills and the fact that he struggled (very hard) to say a sequence of numbers.

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The video goes on to make fun of Zuma’s worst moments in front of the podium as he tried to say a sequence of numbers but in the end, added a few “thousand” over and over again. You can hear his iconic “listen properly” and of course, his “seven hundred and sixty-nine eight hundred and seven hundred”

Of course, Zuma’s iconic “South Africa is the biggest continent in the world” makes an appearance too and it is just as funny as ever. PewDiePie even tries to work out how Jacob Zuma would ever think it possible.

If you are South African then you will find this pretty entertaining. For PewDiePie to make an entire video on this man is quite a big deal given everything he could be doing instead of tackling ol’ Zuma. PewDiePie urges people to be more careful about who you vote for in your democracy.

Check out the video below and maybe watch it a few times. Perhaps the world will give South Africa a break now knowing the hardship we had to endure for almost ten years as the illiterate president ruled over the country.

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