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Pikmin Bloom is a Wonderful AR App You Should Try

Niantic does open-world AR games well and after the success of Pokemon GO, the company has now tackled another Nintendo franchise called Pikmin. If you don’t know what Pikmin is, it is a game about cute little alien flower creatures that grow in seeds, collect fruit and walk around with you. While the game has a lot more on offer than just that, Niantic has now managed to turn the series into an AR game and it is far off from what you know from Pokemon GO. Pikmin Bloom is a gentle and relaxing AR game that is meant to carry you through your day and is even better if you walk.

The main idea of Pikmin Bloom is to grow flowers. You obtain new Pikmin by exploring the world around you, plant seeds you find and turn fruit these little critters give you into nectar. On a daily rinse and repeat cycle, the more you walk, the faster you grow seeds that turn into Pikmin. However, the real joy in Pikmin Bloom is how the app is meant to act as a companion to your daily life.

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It doesn’t pressure you into walking at all. In fact, it tracks your steps while you close the app and even when I used a flower petal, that plants flowers around me as I walked through my neighbourhood, it did this all while the app was closed. I opened the app to find flowers around my house that will remain there for the near future. The more people who use these flower petals, the more flowers you will see as you play the game in different areas.

You can also activate a mode where players who are currently planting flowers can see other players around them. It is a sweet thought that adds to this whole “community-driven flower planting” idea.

Pikmin Bloom iOS Android

One thing I also enjoy about Pikmin Bloom is how it tracks your daily life in a way. If I happened to take photos of a place I visited on that day or perhaps food I ate, the summary will choose some of these photos and display them as a memory. The game gives you the idea that the Pikmin are doing this for you and are always around keeping you company. This further enhances the AR experience the app is trying to pull off.

You can also equip your Pikmin with a range of hats that are found throughout the world. For example, if you visit a restaurant, you may find a chef hat to put on your Pikmin. This way the app adds even more incentive to opening it up when you’re out and about.

Pikmin Bloom iOS Android

Users who have played the Pikmin series will also feel at home in Pikmin Bloom thanks to the types of creatures you can obtain. Most of the game’s mechanics also tie into the series quite well. One specific mode saw me approach a mushroom blocking my path. I could then send Pikmin in to clear the vegetable and at the same time obtain a range of fruit.

Of course, the game does have microtransactions. These are similar to Pokemon GO. You can purchase seed planters, nectar, seeds etc. I haven’t played enough with the game to feel the urge to spend any money here yet. However, if it is anything like Pokemon GO then you’ll most likely be forced to expand your inventory slots sooner or later.

If you are someone who walks often, even if it is in the mall, I suggest giving Pikmin Bloom a try. It is available on Android and iOS. It may just be the AR game you need. Pikmin Bloom – Android / iOS

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