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Ping Pong Playing Robot, Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes – The Craziest Tech We Saw at CES 2019

Every year CES brings with it hundreds of thousands of new things. It is the biggest trade expo of the year and with over one hundred thousands visitors, it is your chance to showcase your startup or device to the world. We toured the many halls of the expo to find the craziest tech of CES 2019 and we have some pretty cool things to show you. In case you missed it, we already covered the many, many great TVs on show and also the awesome smart cars of the expo. Here is the craziest tech from CES 2019.

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Check out all this awesome tech in action in a video we put together straight from CES 2019

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Lovobot – The Pet of the Future

While CES 2019 wowed me all week, it was not until I met Lovobot that I truly found the best tech of the show. This adorable robot is everything. The creation is meant to be a robotic pet and it is more than just a pair of cute eyes. The Lovobot has a personality and needs too as it scoots around your house developing a relationship with you and even favouring the family member that gives it the most attention.

Lovobot CES 2019

Lovobot even emits heat so when you hug it (yes, it asks for hugs) then you will feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside and outside. The robot knows where its “Nest” is and goes back to it once an hour to charge. If you hold it in your hands it will cuddle you and you even have to put it to sleep. The Lovobot just seems like the robot you get attached to and while it is not anything like the Bicentennial Man, it is a pretty big eye-opener to the possibilities of robotic animal-like creatures in your household.

Inubox – Self-Cleaning Dog Toilet

If you live in an apartment or flat, you probably don’t have a dog because you don’t want to clean up after it or just don’t have a place for it to go poop. Well, the Inubox will change all that. This giant device is a self-cleaning dog toilet and it does exactly what it means; cleans up your dog’s poop. The way it works is simple. your dog goes onto the pad, does its business and the device closes up to clean it.

Inubox CES 2019

The box seals and works its magic inside. It scaps the poop and pee off the pad and seals it in a bag. I know what you are thinking. What about the odour? Well, the device has been specially designed to seal away all smell and the moment it closes to clean up after the dog, the smell will vanish. All you need to do is take the bag out once in a while and toss it in the bin.

Ovis self-rolling Suitcase

If you travel a lot then you know that carting around luggage can be pretty painful. This Ovis self-rolling suitcase plans to eliminate this issue by following you around the airport instead. While the current model is only a carry-on, it is probably the best idea since it is the bag you carry around the most when travelling. It has a four-hour battery life, can travel at speeds of up to 10KM/h, and has a removable battery that also doubles up as a power bank.

Ovis CES 2019

The best part of this device is no doubt its ability to learn your movements and gestures so it knows who to stay near. The bag rolls next to you throughout your travelling and if you are going into a room, it will go in first and allow you to walk in after it so you don’t need to worry about leaving it behind. FutureX, the team behind Ovis, claim that the bag can learn your walking patterns so it will always know who to find.

Royole’s Foldable Phone

Sure, Samsung is planning to reveal a foldable phone as early as this quarter but the Royole phone could be very similar. The device is made from an OLED display that can withstand over 200k folds. When it is folded the device acts as a smartphone and has all the smartphone features and when it is unfolded it is a tablet device,

Royole CES 2019

Folding and unfolding the device is pretty easy and there is a magnet that clicks the two sides together when you have it folded. No, you cannot fold the device at a complete 90-degree angle (for obvious reasons) but the folded device is half the size and could fit into my pocket pretty easily.

Hypervsn’s 3D Holograms

I am sure you have seen those 3D fan images around every here and there but Hypervsn is taking things to the next level with their models. One of them they had on display at CES 2019 was a massive screen made up of seventy-seven fans. This created a 3D animated clip that was over 100-inches in size. ‘

Hypervsn CES 2019

The tech is pretty cool and is not just about the massive screen we saw, rather the ability to have these 3D models hanging around you in malls and even at home delivering cool renders of the current weather and perhaps even gaming.

Omron Ping Pong-Playing Robot

The Omron Ping Pong-playing robot is not really new tech but the model at CES 2019 was the fifth generation one and it was so awesome to watch in action. The robot is not a ping pong opponent, rather a ping pong coach. It will challenge your ping pong skills and train you to get better at the game. The more you get better, the harder it will get to beat it and if you do lose against it, it will give you guidance on how you lost.

Forpheus CES 2019

The coaching part is its greatest feature as it is constantly scanning your body to detect your movements so when you do lose it will read out information to you on your form and how you can improve your swing. The fifth generation can even now detect ball spin and curve.

LavvieBot Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Just like the Inubox, the LavvieBot is the cat litter box of the future. Your cat enters in the front, does its business and leaves but the work after your cat has pooped is the device’s greatest feat. This giant box is connected to your smartphone and it tells you when your cat just left it with a cute message like “Mommy I just went to the bathroom”. It also weighs your cat at the same time and detects how long it takes to poop in case there are any issues with the cat’s health.

Lavviebot CES 2019

Once that is done, brushes scrape the sand clean of any litter and it goes into a bag which seals until the next clean. The bag can stay in the device for up two weeks until you need to change it making going away on holiday something you can deal with.

So there you have it. What of these do you think were the craziest? Let us know in the comments below.

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