After missing a debut at Gamescom last month, EA Games will be officially announcing the successor to the Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare series, Battle for Neighborville later today.

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The news comes from the official Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville website that popped up hosted by EA Games. The website has a countdown that points to a reveal taking place at 18:00 SAT. EA Games has also changed all the official Plants vs Zombies social media accounts to reflect the new game’s artwork.

Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville ran a closed alpha under the codename “Picnic” in early August and gave players the opportunity to test out the game along with its new playable characters.

Right before Gamescom, a leaked trailer popped up which was clearly still in development and revealed the game would feature the same old plants and zombies from Garden Warfare 2 but three new playable characters for each side.

This includes a ninja shroom, an acorn that can transform into a giant tree and a fire-spitting dragon plant. On the zombies’ side, players will be introduced to an 80s dancing zombie, a mad scientist that flies around in a UFO and a Rambo-inspired bow and arrow zombie.

While we already know most of what’s new in the upcoming Battle for Neighborville, we are unsure when EA Games will release the game. Reports claim it will still land sometime in 2019 but a solid release date will be set later today.

Make sure you tune into the official reveal at 18:00 SAT on YouTube and visit the Battle for Neighborville site for more details.

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