Play The Entire Half-Life Series For Free Until March 2020

Half-Life is getting its long-awaited next instalment in the series in March – the VR Alyx game. Sure, it is not what we expected, or what anyone wanted but it does mean fans of the series can download and play the entire Half-Life series for free right up until March 2020 in celebration of the VR game’s launch.

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The upcoming VR release “Alyx” is a prequel to the events of Half-Life 2 so those worried about missing out on anything new can rest easy knowing they won’t be missing much. Valve has announced that starting from today, users can visit the Steam page and download and play the entire collection of games including 2 and the episodes.

The games include

  • Half-Life + Opposing Force + Blue Shift
  • Half-Life 2 + Episode One + Episode Two
  • Team Fortress Classic

According to the Half-Life Steam page, the free trials have two months to go so you still have some time to play through them all. While a bit dated, they still make for a great experience, especially when played right from the original to the latest episode. Will they force you to go out and purchase an expensive VR system to play the upcoming Alyx release? We doubt it but at least you’ll be caught up with the series.

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