A five-year-old playable build of Dead Island 2 leaked online over the weekend. The build emerged on the V Board of 4Chan and includes actual working gameplay, assets, missions and more. In addition, you can actually download the build and play the game.

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Videos have been popping up on YouTube of the in-limbo zombie game. These videos showcase the games weapons, combat and more. Most interesting of all is the weapon system which has drastically changed since the original game. Users seem to have the ability to craft some awesome-looking makeshift weapons including blade launchers, Uzis and more.

The build includes missions. Some of these range from killing a set number of zombies within a time limit to fetching a specific item. These are handed out by NPCs which are also fully voiced.

The build of the game was created by Spec Ops: The Line developer Yager. Back in 2015, the developer was tasked at creating the game for publisher Deep Silver. However, in March 2016, development was moved over to Sumo Digital. With that being said, the current state of development of Dead Island 2 is still a mystery. In 2019, The Revolution developer Dambuster Studios took over the project. We have not seen or heard anything since.

This Dead Island 2 build is way back from 2015 when Yager was still in charge of the game. The overall look still resonates with the original reveal trailer which debuted during Sony’s E4 2014 press conference. However, we don’t know if the game has changed since. We hope not because the gameplay footage which has come out of the leak looks pretty great.

If you want to install and play the game, there are a few tutorials online on how to download this five-year-old build. Keep in mind that it is a bit buggy, missing a few assets and its not the full game.

Take a look at some gameplay videos down below if you aren’t interested in installing the game.

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