Players Host Funeral For Red Dead Online After a Year Without Updates

"Get your suits on"

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Players Host Funeral For Red Dead Online After a Year Without Updates

Red Dead Redemption 2 players are planning to host a funeral for the game’s online component, Red Dead Online. The last time Red Dead Online was updated with new content was back on 13 July 2021 and players officially believe that the game is now dead and are ready to move on to greener pastures.

Red Dead Online was last updated back in July last year with the game’s seemingly final content called Blood Money. The fan site, Red Dead News has now issued a statement to fans asking them to put on their blackest of suits and prepare for the death of Red Dead Online. The funeral will take place on 13 July which marks a year since the last update to the game.

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Fans are urged to take screenshots of themselves in the game wearing their black suits and share them online using the hashtags #ReadDeadFuneral and #SaveRedDeadOnline. You can also tag the Red Dead News Twitter account.

The Red Dead Online funeral was only planned yesterday, 5 July. However, already fans are committed to the movement. Some of them claim that they already hosted a funeral for the game six months ago when they believed it was already dead in the ground.

Sadly, Rockstar (to no surprise) hasn’t commented on the gathering. Players feel like the studio has failed them as long-time fans of Red Dead Online. With no updates in sight and no word of any new content planned for the game, players feel let down by the developers. Keep in mind that GTA V’s online mode GTA Online is a completely different story. The game has been supported for almost ten years now with constant updates and content releases. Red Dead Online has only been around for under four years and it seems it is time to bury the game.

With the news that Rockstar abandoned its GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption remasters, the lack of content for Red Dead Online doesn’t surprise me. Clearly, Rockstar needs millions of players in a game to warrant spending money and time on new content.

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