Players Spot Aliens Abducting Cows in Gran Turismo 7

"The cows just wanted to watch the race"

Gran Turismo 7 Review For the Love of Car Culture
Players Spot Aliens Abducting Cows in Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 was released in early March and players are still discovering new easter eggs in the game. The latest find comes in the form of a UFO flying around abducting innocent cows who are just innocently watching the race.

Japanese Twitter user @taiG_typeRS posted a video of their findings and it shows off a UFO flying around in the distance before snatching up a cow. What this UFO is going to do with this cow is still a mystery but we suspect they are just looking for milk, right?

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Of course, the UFO in Gran Turismo 7 probably doesn’t directly relate to anything in the game. Nor does it have anything to do with alien vehicles making their debut in the car roster in the future. This sighting is most likely just a simple easter egg that adds to the experience in the game. If only the aliens could now abduct the horrendous looking spectators or maybe wipe out the microtransactions? Now that would be a story worth covering.

Check out the video down below. You can also see some screenshots of the UFO up close in the thread too.

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