Do you think games like Dark Souls, Sekiro, Nioh and the like are difficult? Well, think again. There is this new little web-based game that you can play in your browser right now and it is by far the most difficult game we’ve ever played. The game throws both the classics Tetris and Snake together and you probably won’t make it for 30 seconds, we didn’t! You can see my failure above.

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A French developer Grégoire Divaret-Chauveau threw together this mind-blowingly difficult game for Codevember and you can play it now by heading on over to this link. Warning: you will die over and over again in seconds.

You have Tetris on the right and Snake on the left and you use the same controls for both games, at the same time. To make things even harder, if you lose in Snake or Tetris, you lose in both…

It is absolutely, unequivocally hard and at the same time, it is such and addictive and interesting game to play. With the random elements of both Snake and Tetris, as well as the fact that you are using the same controls for both games simultaneously, makes for a brilliant combination.

No, there is no easy mode and things get harder every few seconds. We apologize in advance for the addictive nature of this awesome little web-based game and the work that will clearly not get done now that you’ve seen it.

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Try the game from developer Grégoire Divaret-Chauveau for Codevember and share your scores in the comment section below.


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