PlayStation Reportedly Bringing Back “Extremely Popular” Series in 2022

"Please be Resistance"

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PlayStation Reportedly Bringing Back “Extremely Popular” Series in 2022

PlayStation is reportedly working on reviving an extremely popular video game series this year. According to an insider, the company is prepping this game return to release in Q4 of 2022 which means whatever this game is, we will play it by the end of the year.

While details are scarce on what this game could be, an insider, who accurately leaked the entire Pokemon Scarlet and Violet game before the reveal, claims that the development on this project is around 70% complete.

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The insider simply says that PlayStation is working on the return of an “extremely popular” franchise. To be honest, this could be anything at this point. PlayStation has had multiple large franchises in the past. Many of which have been dormant for the longest time.

We have Jax and Daxter, Resistance, inFamous, SOCOM, Killzone, Twisted Metal and more. In fact, the return of a Twisted Metal game makes a lot of sense at the moment especially given that Peacock has just landed the rights for a live-action TV series starring Anthony Mackie. However, we have known about this Twisted Metal game for some time already and this report sounds like something new.

If this rumour is correct, and I have a feeling it might be given this insider’s past reputation, Sony might announce this project fairly soon. The company is set to host a PlayStation State of Play event this month where they will reportedly debut the PlayStation Game Pass competitor and new games. We can only hope the event will play host to this new game.

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