PlayStation 5 Fridge Joke Hilariously Mistaken For Real Thing

PlayStation 5 Fridge PS5 Sony Microsoft Xbox Series X
PlayStation 5 Fridge Joke Hilariously Mistaken For Real Thing

While Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Series X at The Game Awards 2019, Sony hasn’t officially revealed the design of the PlayStation 5 just yet. The Xbox Series X, however, looks like some kind of kitchen appliance or maybe even a paper shredder, which led a prominent leaker to tweeted out a PlayStation 5 fridge as a joke. It is basically a black fridge with the PlayStation logo on it, accompanied by a DualShock 4 controller.

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It is a very dead time of the year for gaming news and while we are all looking for something interesting to cover, you can’t really pass off the PlayStation 5 fridge design as real news. A writer at International Business Times, a pretty massive publication, mistakenly thought this joke from Daniel Admad was real and wrote an entire article about it.

Daniel Admad couldn’t help but mock the article and it is pretty hilarious, especially with lines stating that Microsoft (not Sony) will be releasing the PS5 and hasn’t set a specific date yet…

The article has since been updated but the screenshots are out on the internet for everyone to laugh at. However, one has to remember that mistakes do happen and sometimes you are just having a really bad day, so let’s take this as something funny and don’t go hating on the writer or International Business Times, even if this was clearly a joke based on the look of the Xbox Series X.

You can view the article here (updated version), where IBT notes that the leaker updated to clarify it was a joke…

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What do you think about this hilarious incident involving the PS5 fridge “design”? Let us know in the comment section below and tell us if you are excited for the next-gen console from Sony.

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