PlayStation Classic South African Price and Release Date Revealed
PlayStation Classic South African Price
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In September, it was announced that Sony would be releasing a PlayStation Classic console. Basically, Sony is re-releasing the original PlayStation which first released in Japan all the way back in 1994. For someone like me, who never owned an original PlayStation, this is a must-have collector’s item while others who did own one can relive the old days. Now, we know the PlayStation Classic South African price, and it is a little bit higher than expected.

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The first South African retailer to put the PlayStation Classic up for pre-order is Raru and they have it for R1,799. You can pre-order it right now with the expected arrival date of 7 December 2018.

To amp that nostalgia level up to over 9000, Sony has thrown in 20 pre-loaded games, from the original GTA to Metal Gear Solid and yes, Abe’s Odyssey. The console is roughly 45% smaller than the original and the look, as well as the packaging, emulates the original. The box contains the following:

  • PlayStation Classic x 1 preloaded with 20 games
  • Controller x 2
  • HDMI™ Cable x 1
  • USB Cable x 1
  • Printed Materials

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The PlayStation Classic will sell for $99 in the US, so I, for one, was expecting it to be somewhere between R1500 and R1600 in South Africa. However, the R1,799 price isn’t really that unexpected. Sure, the price being a bit higher than the Dollar to Rand exchange rate, but this box of nostalgia-flavoured goodness should still be well worth it.

In case, for some reason, you missed the PlayStation Classic trailer, check it out below.

What do you think of the South African pricing for the PlayStation Classic console? Will you be pre-ordering the console and which of the 20 classic pre-loaded games will you play first? Let us know in the comment section.

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