PlayStation Confirms GTA V PS5 Edition Runs at 4K 60FPS

"November 2021 release"

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PlayStation Confirms GTA V PS5 Edition Runs at 4K 60FPS

In a few weeks time, players are going to catch a glimpse at the first gameplay for GTA V on PS5. We know that Take-Two and Rockstar are developing a standalone version of the popular open-world and online game just for the hardware. According to reports, GTA V Enhanced Edition on PS5 will take advantage of the PS5 power to deliver super-fast load times, enhanced visuals and performance adjustments.

Reports claim that the game is being developed using Rockstar’s in-house RAGE engine. The same platform the studio used to create Red Dead Redemption 2. PlayStation has spilt the beans on some new GTA V details for PS5. Whether this was intentional or a mistake is not clear but the console maker updated its German blog page with a mention of 4K 60FPS.


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Over on the PS Blog, Sony has listed some of the biggest games to look forward to this year. They have been constantly editing this post with new details while also removing information such as the Kena: Bridge of Spirits release date. This being after it was delayed last week. GTA V on PS5 now mentions that the game runs at “crisp 4K” and “smooth 60FPS”. The translated PS Blog post reads:

You have never seen the criminal metropolis Los Santos so beautiful when the skyline shines in crisp 4K resolution thanks to a bold graphic update and you make the city extremely smooth and unsafe thanks to a smooth 60 FPS.

The blog post also mentions the game’s release window as “November 2021”. However, that news doesn’t come as a surprise. Rockstar has confirmed that the game won’t release until the end of the year.

We still don’t know much about GTA V on PS5 at this point. Rockstar has yet to release any screenshots of gameplay for the project. This is nothing new from the studio. They usually announce a game completely right before it is meant to release. Even though GTA V on PS5 marks the game’s third release, it won’t be handled differently.

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Source: PS Blog

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