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PlayStation Console Exclusive Stray Will Get Limited Edition Cat Backpack

The PlayStation console exclusive Stray will be getting one of the coolest limited edition tie-in items to grace any video game, which is a limited edition real-life cat backpack for you to take your cat out on real-world adventures. The backpack differs from the one our furry companion uses in the actual game, mainly in that it’s meant for your cat to sit in, not wear.

The backpack is a bona fide cat carrier that is branded with a Stray badge and is decorated with accents in the game’s colour scheme, and an awesome window for your cat to view the world when they are cozy on your back. Annapurna Interactive announced the backpack as a limited edition collaboration with Travel Cat.

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The publisher made the announcement to commemorate the launch of the PlayStation and PC cat-themed title. The backpack is also not limited strictly to cats but can be used with small/medium dogs, confirmed by Annapurna in their announcement.

Stray game Backpack

“We’ve hinted at it. It’s true. We’re happy to share that limited edition Stray x Travel Cat merch for your feline companions is up for pre-order!

You could also use the harness and backpack for small/mediumish dogs if you really wanted to”.

Annapurna will also release the actual backpack our friend will be using in the game but in the shape of a harness with a little compartment on the back. Either way, this is one of the best ways to not only celebrate the launch of Stray but to accomodate your feline (or dog) friends on adventures.

If you are looking to pick one up for your furry companion, you can pre-order it here.

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