Entitlement is a big deal in 2020 and this PlayStation fan took it to a whole new level. After the announcement that Horizon Zero Dawn would be landing on PC sometime this year, a PlayStation fan decided to rage against the news.

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While the announcement was met with joy from many gamers around the world including PlayStation fans, THEAP99 was not too happy about it at all. The gamer took to Twitter to record his gaming setup which was in ruins. To make it worse, it was his birthday (shame).

THEAP99 was upset about the PS4 game coming to another platform. For some reason, he wanted it to remain on PS4 without PC gamers being able to enjoy the story of Aloy and all the crazed robotic dinosaurs and machines.

If anything, THEAP99 left his PlayStation 4 console intact as it is seen sitting on the table but his desk and his monitor are probably wrecked. It looks like THEAP99 literally flipped the table when he found Horizon Zero Dawn was headed to PC.

Horizon Zero Dawn was announced for PC earlier this week when Sony revealed they would be bringing the open-world RPG to the platform. While Sony claimed not all PlayStation 4 games will be headed to PC, they did say that gamers can expect a few more in the future. The game is available on Steam now to wishlist. No release date has been announced yet.

Let us know your thoughts on the news of the gaming coming to PC down in the comments section below.

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