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PlayStation Hints at Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Stellar Blade News

PlayStation is seemingly teasing news on Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and the PS5-exclusive action game, Stellar Blade. Speculation is running rampant in light of a new PlayStation event, potentially another State of Play, reportedly taking place sometime this month.

As spotted by Reddit user scott1swann, the official PlayStation Twitter/X account for Germany recently began posting a series of tweets hinting at updates or news for both Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Stellar Blade. “We hear now is the perfect time to add Final Fantasy VII Rebirth to your wishlist,” reads one tweet (translated from German), while another simply states, “Stellar Blade appears exclusively for PS5. Add the game to your wishlist now.”

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As some fans already pointed out, it would be strange of PlayStation to start promoting games without at least sharing an update via a new trailer or gameplay. Of course, these teases line up with a rumoured PlayStation event reportedly taking place this month. Sony has been relatively quiet about any major upcoming showcases but that might all change soon if the rumours are to be believed.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the anticipated continuation of Final Fantasy VII Remake and the second part in a planned trilogy of remakes encompassing the original Final Fantasy VII. A new trailer for the game was shown back in June with an early 2024 release window. Fans hope that the next update will finally give us a concrete release date, especially considering that the early 2024 window is closing in.

Meanwhile, Stellar Blade also got a new trailer and 2023 release window last year during a State of Play. It was originally titled Project Eve before being rebranded as Stellar Blade and it’s touted as a new hack-and-slash action game from South Korean developer ShiftUp. It’s only a matter of time until we get a release date but with 2023 quickly coming to a close, fans fear that the game might face a delay into next year.

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  • Neo 12 September 2023

    I’m actually discovering just how patient I can be with waiting for games. As physical media begins to fade off into the mist day-after-day, here was just something about making sure that pre-order was down to secure yourself a copy not knowing if game stores are going to have enough in stock, or in the instance of Xenoblade if GameStop are gonna horde them all and sell them at bloated prices. With he digital era taking over….. What’s the point in the rush? You’ve got all the one in the world to wait for sales. The game that’s got me the most aggravated right now is THE MESSENGER. It’s going for $300 on eBay and UnMetal seems to be meeting the same fate. It’s just getting pathetic. But, with digital everything, including Special Editions, there’s still no physical media. I’m finding the complete lack of desire to bother with a game that doesn’t ship on a disc or cartridge so, when they say “BE SURE TO ADD IT TO YOUR WISHLIST!” Why? I’ve got a huge back log of games and nothing but time to wait for sales when I can get the game a lot cheaper than $70, like 50% off that doesn’t come with physical media. So, I’ve learned just how patient I can be in a digital only world to where they developers agree getting screwed, why bother? It’s a digital copy that can be taken from you whenever they want, why pay full price for it? For a couple of extra Digital Only items for pre-ordering or to get to play a couple of days early? Still not worth it. But to get that disc and add it to your shelf next to the rest of those games, or a Collectors Edition, there’s pride in that, in someone walking into your game room and going WOW! Even Tom Kalinski has a Game Room most people would walk into and go WOW! I can’t believe you have that game. To see it digitally on a screen? That’s like getting the Genesis or PlayStation or newly coming out Atari VCS, nobody cares, so what’s the rush? Wait for a solid sale, the price has to come down some time, it already does, and in a digital only universe, it’s all the easier

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