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PlayStation Hit With Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

Sony is the latest company to come under fire due to gender discrimination as its PlayStation division has been issued with a lawsuit. This comes after PlayStation criticised Blizzard’s CEO for his alleged knowledge of the ongoing sexual harassment at the company.

According to Axios, the case against PlayStation includes gender discrimination and wrongful termination. Former IT security analyst Emma Majo is seeking to establish a class action lawsuit against PlayStation to represent other women who may have been affected by the company’s alleged gender discrimination.

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According to the lawsuit, Sony tolerates and cultivates a work environment that discriminates against female employees. The case claims that the PlayStation company denies promotions towards female staff as well as pays male workers more in similar positions.

Sony tolerates and cultivates a work environment that discriminates against female employees, including female employees and those who identify as female.1 Female employees are subjected to continuing unlawful disparate treatment in pay and work opportunities. Moreover, Sony’s policies and procedures have an ongoing disparate impact on female employees.

Sony maintains policies and practices regarding the promotion process that promote gender-based inequities in title and compensation. Sony maintains policies and practices regarding advancement that lead to gender-based inequities favoring males regarding promotions. Sony’s discriminatory policies, practices, and procedures include a system where women are denied opportunities for advancement at Sony. Sony’s nationwide practices, policies, and procedures result in lower compensation for female employees than similarly situated male employees.

The lawsuit also explains that Sony had failed to acknowledge and remedy the reported gender discrimination events that had taken place at the company. It also described Majo’s experience at PlayStation as an employee from 2015 to 2021. It claims that Majo was continually denied an answer about how to get a promotion and claims she was even demoted when she asked about it.

Majo also claims that she often overheard managers making gender-biased comments about female workers saying that women are “emotional” and “less professional” than male employees. She also claims to have submitted a signed statement to Sony in regards to the gender-biased at the company. Sony then reportedly fired Majo “soon after” her statement was submitted. She says that Sony claimed her department was closing down. However, Majo didn’t even work in that department.

Overall, Majo is fighting her wrongful dismissal saying that she was fired due to being female and speaking up about the discrimination against females. You can read the full lawsuit here. Sony has yet to comment on this case.

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