PlayStation Patents Method to Accelerate Ray Tracing on PS5

"Mark Cerny wants to improve ray tracing"

PlayStation PS5 ray tracing
PlayStation Patents Method to Accelerate Ray Tracing on PS5

PlayStation is working on improving the ray tracing experience on PS5. The company has filed a patent that describes a method of accelerating ray tracing on the console. The patent was filed by none other than the PS5 system architect Mark Cerny and details how the CPU handles ray tracing while also showing the breakdown of how the accelerated process would work.

While details on the patent aren’t enough to discover the exact process of acceleration, the overall rough draft seems to revolve around processing data depending on the request of the ray tracing unit in the PS5. It relies on filtering the ray tracing requests through the hardware only depending on the data being processed.

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I don’t know how different this data processing is in comparison to how the PS5 handles this now, but it definitely lays down the foundation for an improved experience. The patent is described as:

“System And Method For Accelerated Ray Tracing” and “System And Method For Accelerated Ray Tracing With Asynchronous Operation And Ray Transformation.”

To be honest, it really sounds like something only the mind of Mark Cerny will understand. Whether or not we will see this patent come to life in the future is unclear. However, Sony is forever looking into ways to improve the experience of its hardware. This is mostly done through software updates to the console.

Keep in mind that most of these patents never see the light of day but it is interesting to see where Sony is focusing on when it comes to improving the performance of the PS5 ray tracing. You can try to make sense of the patent below.


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