PlayStation Plus Discounted Members Were Charged Due to Technical Error

"No word on high-priced stacked upgrades"

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PlayStation Plus Discounted Members Were Charged Due to Technical Error

Sony has addressed the ongoing controversy surrounding the new PlayStation Plus service in Asia. The all-new PlayStation Plus plans rolled out earlier this week in select markets and users have had multiple issues. One of the main problems with the service is the lack of discount for upgrading to the higher tiers if you purchased your original PlayStation Plus membership while it was on sale.

For example, if you purchased a year of PlayStation Plus during one of Sony’s many sales when upgrading to the higher Deluxe or Essentials tier, Sony would charge you the full price for the upgrade. This way, your benefit of saving money on the service in the first place was washed away.

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This might not sound like an issue for some. However, a lot of gamers enjoy purchasing multiple years at once during the 25% off sale. When upgrading to the higher PlayStation Plus tiers, you would essentially not benefit from this at all. I did an example on this:

Sony says that this issue was actually a technical glitch and members who originally purchased their PlayStation Plus on sale and upgraded to the new service will be credited the difference. In a tweet they said:

Sony has yet to comment on the high price tag members are facing when upgrading their stacked subscriptions to the new tier. Yesterday, we reported that users have been slapped with thousands of rands worth of costs when upgrading their memberships to the new service. Sony locks you into upgrading your entire membership at once so if you have seven years of PS+, you’ll have to upgrade all of that before you can enjoy the new service.

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