South African PlayStation Plus Prices are Changing Again in May

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South African PlayStation Plus Prices are Changing Again in May

For the most part, South Africans are in for some good news when it comes to PS+ this year. Sony has announced price reductions to two of the three-tier options for the online gaming service, However, there is also a slight increase incoming too. According to Sony, PlayStation Plus in South Africa will be going down for both the 12-month and 3-month payment plan while the monthly payment plan will be going up (not sure why).

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The new prices are as follows;

  • The PlayStation Plus 12-month recurring payment plan will decrease to R 749.00 (from R899)
  • The PlayStation Plus 3-month recurring payment plan will decrease to R 319.00 (from R349)
  • The PlayStation Plus 1-month recurring payment plan will increase to R 119.00 (From R109)


The South African PlayStation Plus price change will take effect from 1 May 2020 so maybe hang on to purchasing that 12-month subscription for a while. Sony claims in the email that the prices will change at 10:59 BST on 1 May 2020 and anyone that has a subscription going off after that date will be subject to the new pricing tiers.

We will alter the price of the subscriptions at 10:59 am BST on 1st May 2020. As you are an existing member, all recurring subscription fees payable by you on or after 1st May 2020 will be charged at the new price. Up until 30th April 2020, you may purchase a subscription at the current price, which will then be added (or “stacked on”) to your current membership period.

The PlayStation Plus price changes arrive at a great time in South Africa. While everything is going up including petrol, booze, smokes and every other damn thing, at least we can play online for a little bit less of a cost. That is if you are purchasing a long-term subscription. Check out the March lineup here

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