PlayStation Plus May 2023 Game Expiration Glitches
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PlayStation Plus Users Report Game Expiration Glitches

PlayStation Plus users currently trying to enjoy the May 2023 lineup have reported several expiration glitches popping up over the last few days. Sony recently added a number of games to its PS Plus Extra and Deluxe tiers such as Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Dishonored 2, the Tomb Raider trilogy, Thymesia and more. However, players have reported multiple instances where, while playing these games, an expiration warning would appear every 15 minutes.

As reported by PlayStation LifeStyle, PlayStation Plus subscribers recently took to social media to voice complaints about an apparent glitch on the PSN regarding the new slate of May 2023 games. According to users, an expiration warning is appearing while playing these games warning players that the game is about to expire in 15 minutes. Players say that the system then opens up the PS menu but thankfully, it doesn’t close the game so they can just resume playing it.

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Unfortunately it’s an annoying glitch to have as players would then be interrupted every 15 minutes again with the message, completely runing immersion and the flow of gameplay for many. Players have tried everything to fix the error from restoring licenses and restarting the system to manually changing the system’s date and time to no avail. This seems to be a glitch on the PSN’s side that Sony can hopefully rectify sometime soon.

I’ve personally been playing Thymesia and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart recently and can’t say that I’ve run into this issue yet, but a number of players have already reported this bug enough times to raise some concerns. It also seems like the glitch is only impacting the recently added May games so those playing older games in the PS Plus library should be safe.

As for the full list of games recently added to the PlayStation Plus Extra and Deluxe tiers, you can read up on the lineup right here.

Source: PlayStation LifeStyle

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