Sony Announces PlayStation Preview Program With Updated Party Features
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Sony has announced a brand new PlayStation Preview Program where owners will have access to early features for testing before they go live on the PS4 hardware. The first feature, Party Chat improvements.

If you play in a chat party on PS4 you would know the experience is pretty average. The sound quality is low and the 8-player limit does restrict those busy gaming sessions. Sony’s first addition to the PlayStation Preview Program will tackle these issues by delivering an increase in party chat participants, improved audio quality and network connectivity enhancements.

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The announcement was made on the PlayStation Blog where the company touched on the details of the upcoming features. The blog post explains that once you have joined the Preview Program, you will gain access to these new changes;

  • Increased maximum Party participants from 8 to 16
  • Improved audio quality for voice chat
  • Improved network connectivity

Sony also points out players won’t be able to join the same party or use Share Play with others who are not participating in the program. They will, however, send you a code that can be redeemed on 20 accounts so you can share it.

PlayStation Preview Program

Sony also revealed Chat Transcription, an accessibility feature that converts party voice chat into text and vice-versa. This will be done via the PlayStation Second Screen app.






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