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PlayStation Says It’s Too Early to Judge PS VR2’s Popularity

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan says it’s too early to judge the popularity of the recently released PS VR2. Sony’s virtual reality headset launched earlier this year with a decent list of VR-exclusive titles including Horizon Call of the Mountain. Despite mostly good reviews, Sony reported that the PS VR2 has gotten off to a slow start in sales. However, the company believes that could be turned around later down the line.

Speaking to Japanese publication Famitsu recently, Ryan addressed the slow initial sales of the PS VR2, stating that it just launched and might be too early to judge its popularity. It remains to be seen whether players will latch onto the virtual reality offering for PS5 or not. In comparison, the first PS VR sold roughly five million units as of 2020. When you factor in that the PS4 sold 117 million consoles globally, it means only a small fraction of the overall player base bought it.

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Sony hopes that won’t be the case again with the PS VR2, as Ryan stated:

“PS VR2 has just been launched, so it may be a little early to judge its popularity, but we are happy to see many positive reactions from users and the media. We will continue to push forward so that those who purchase PS VR2 can enjoy it for a long time and we can also secure profits.”

According to estimates, PS VR2 sold around 270,000 units by the end of the first quarter. There’s still plenty of time for the headset to grow in popularity as long as Sony commits to releasing more enticing VR games. That commitment might show at the upcoming PlayStation Showcase where Sony promises to also touch on new PS VR2 titles. While the current offering of games is good, it needs a few more big announcements to really hit a homerun.

Source: Famitsu

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