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PlayStation Stars Best Members Get Priority Customer Support

PlayStation Stars launched in Japan earlier this week and the system seems to be going well so far. The program allows PlayStation players to earn credits for competing in challenges and purchase various digital items including games, figurines and collectables using these points. However, fans are quite upset over a new aspect of the program that sees higher-tiered members get priority customer support at PlayStation over those who don’t want to participate in the program.

PlayStation Stars has a four-tier level system where everyone starts at Level 1 and can work their way to Level 4 by competing in various activities. Levelling up is also done by purchasing games and earning trophies. It seems that when players reach Level 4, which is unlocked by purchasing four full-priced games from the PlayStation Store or unlocking 128 rare trophies, Sony improves the customer service experience for those Level 4 members.

Sony says that the Level 4 tier perks include a handful of items. You’ll get a commemorative collectable and a promise that “when contacting PlayStation Customer Support, you’ll get given priority in that chat order”. In short, this means that if you’re Level 1 in a queue of Level 4 members, you’ll be the last person to chat to customer support as they will bump you to the bottom of the line.

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Users have since voiced their opinion over the perk saying that good customer service should be something that you get when you spend money on Sony’s expensive games and hardware. This is not something you should get because you’re spending more money than others on the same product.

One user says that certain gamers only play a few titles and can only afford to play limited games. Either they don’t have the budget to purchase new games or don’t have the time to play them. Customer support should be equal for all.

“You say that the more you play with it, the more you prioritise customer support. But the more you play with it, the less you use customer support. There’s something off about that. You should give priority to beginners who are new to the game.”

Another user says that ranking players on skill level or time spent is okay. However, ranking players on the amount of money they spent is not. Another user says they purchased a PS5 just to play Final Fantasy 16 and will likely get pushed aside now because of that.

“If this functionality had been first introduced 10 years ago, giving people with a high level of priority access to buy a PS5, reselling wouldn’t have been as bad as it has been,”

Sony has yet to comment on the drama. It is also unclear whether or not the service will launch with the same perks when it arrives in other regions soon. South Africa is set to get PlayStation Stars on 13 October.

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