PlayStation Stars South Africa Available Everything to Know

PlayStation Stars Not Launching in South Africa Because of Course it’s Not

PlayStation Stars is launching in its final phase today across Australia, Europe and New Zealand but like most cool things from Sony, South Africans won’t be able to enjoy the rewards program. Sony has completely overlooked not just South Africa during the launch but also the entire EMEA region.

PlayStation Stars sounds like a great idea on paper. Users can get incentives for playing games, buying stuff and even unlocking trophies. Points can be used to purchase limited edition digital figurines and even used toward discounts on games from the PlayStation Store.

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The service will rotate specific themed events too where users can obtain timed 3D unlockables for their PlayStation Stars shelf to display on their PlayStation Network profile. So far, the program has been a success in every other region and users have shown off some cool rewards. Things like discounts on new video game purchases and even 3D models that tie back to the classic PlayStation One hardware.

Sadly, South Africans (and the other millions of players in the EMEA region) won’t be able to unlock these items. In fact, the overlooked launch in the region means that you’ll likely miss out on stuff you won’t be able to unlock again. Even if the service were to launch at another time, the rotating challenges won’t come back.

Sony rolled out its all-new PlayStation Plus in seperate regions too. Originally, South Africans got the service last alongside Europe, Australia and New Zealand. One would assume PlayStation Stars would follow the same process but sadly, that wasn’t the case.

This is not the first time Sony has completely forgotten about South Africa and the EMA region. The company loves to host events with exclusive avatar giveaways, quests to compete in for cool gear and other digital items but South Africans just get excluded.

I have reached out to Sony to find out if the company has any plans to launch PlayStation Stars in the country and will provide feedback shortly.

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