PlayStation State of Play 2023 Rumours

PlayStation State of Play 2023 Rumours Heat Up

PlayStation State of Play rumours have started to heat up again for 2023. Sony held off on hosting any major showcase last year, despite many reports claiming that it would traditionally take place in September. Instead, the company hosted several smaller State of Play events which contained some big announcements. New rumours now indicate that PlayStation already has two State of Play events planned for the coming months.

Firstly, this leak comes from 4chan which is hardly a reputable source of information so we recommend taking all of this with a mountain of salt. The leak, which details PlayStation’s plans for the year, states that one State of Play will be held in February or March, with another planned for May.

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It wouldn’t be surprising if Sony held a State of Play event before the end of the month that focuses on the PS5 exclusive Forspoken. These dedicated events often provide plenty of new information, gameplay deep dives and more. PlayStation also has another major exclusive, Final Fantasy XVI, planned to release in June so it’s possible that the game will also get its own dedicated presentation. As for Sony hosting another one in February, March or May, we can’t get our hopes up yet as the leaks come from an unverified source.

We can definitely expect State of Play events to happen throughout the year as PlayStation also needs to market its biggest release of 2023: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 from Insomniac Games. The open-world superhero adventure game doesn’t have a concrete release date yet, but one Insomniac writer claims that it will release by fall 2023 or near the end of the year which makes sense.

It’s unclear if Sony is also planning a bigger showcase of games like it did in previous years (excluding 2022), though the company seemed perfectly fine using shorter State of Play events to market and reveal several new and existing titles, including Sony’s biggest release of last year which was God of War Ragnarok. Perhaps it will take a similar course of action this year, but we’ll have to be patient and wait for official confirmation from PlayStation.

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