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PlayStation Store Goes Down After Users Turn Demos Into Full Games

You have not even noticed it but earlier this week Sony had to pull the PlayStation Store offline for a few minutes to avoid users walking away with a bunch of free games. The glitch revolved around Resident Evil 7 and saw users downloading the PS4 version of the gameplay demo. Once downloaded, the game offered players the opportunity to purchase the full version, as most demos do. However, instead of taking PS4 owners to the store where the game is listed with a price, Sony set up an accidental redirect that pushed users to the PS+ Collection page. You know, that collection of instant games that are restricted for PS5 owners only.

This enabled users to add the full Resident Evil 7 game, the one included as part of the PS+ Collection, to their account. However, gamers were only able to do this if they had an active PS+ membership. It did not take long before the glitch expanded to other games that also include a free playable demo as part of the experience.


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After a while, users began downloading demos of titles such as Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition, Battlefield 1 and Monster Hunter World. These games unfortunately suffered from the same glitch. Once downloaded, they offered gamers a purchase option in-game. Once clicked, it directed them to the PS+ Collection page and they were able to add the full game to their account without buying it and without owning a PS5.

Sony has since fixed the issue and users are now blocked from accessing the PS+ Collection page anywhere but on the PS5. In addition, the purchase screens on these PS4 demos now take users to the correct page. The company caught onto the bug quite quickly but forums were filled with players celebrating their new free games.

We don’t know what Sony plans on doing to those licenses that were compromised during the exploit. Sony could revoke access to the games if they want. This means anyone who took advantage of the glitch won’t be able to play the games as the “ownership” rights will no longer be available on their account.

This is not the first time Sony has faced issues with the PS5-exclusive PS+ Collection. Last year soon after the PS5 was released, users realised they could grant friends (and customers) access to the collection of games by simply having them sign into their PS5 and head over to the PS+ Collection tab. Sony caught onto this and began issuing PSN account bans. This was especially targeted at users who sold these titles through their PS5 access.

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