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PlayStation VR2 Teardown Reveals Cooling Fan to Help Reduce Stuffiness

Sony has released its official PS VR2 teardown videos which give us a great look at the internal components at work in the system. The teardowns come in two forms. We have the PlayStation VR2 Sense Controllers and the actual VR2 unit itself.

If you enjoy watching teardowns in order to see the inner workings of tech, I highly recommend you give these videos a watch. I discovered a few things I didn’t know about the hardware by watching them myself. For starters, the PlayStation VR2 Sense Controllers have hidden IR LEDs all over the device which are tracked by using the camera system on the headset unit.

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During the teardown, Takeshi Igarashi from the Peripheral Design takes apart the outer shell from the Sense Controllers to reveal a large LED strip which wraps around the unit. There are also IR LEDs scattered around the handle too. These IR LEDs are designed to be trackable through plastic which is possible thanks to the thin and light plastic shell around the controller. As a result, the camera system in the PS VR2 unit can easily see the LEDs and track your movements.

PlayStation VR2

Another interesting thing I spotted was a new cooling system implemented into the PS VR2 headset itself. The original PS VR headset didn’t include any cooling whatsoever. However, during the headset teardown, Takamasa Araki from the Mechanical Design pulled off the front plate on the unit to reveal a small fan and a vent system.

He says that this cooling system serves two functions. It draws in cool air around the user through the gap between the headset and the head strap. The air is then dispensed across the front face of the unit. As a result, it cools the unit’s CPU while at the same time, helps reduce stuffiness on your face.

PlayStation VR2

If you used the original PS VR headset you’ll know how incredibly hot the headset got after a while. It was quite uncomfortable to use especially in warmer conditions. Sony clearly wanted to help with this by adding a fan to the unit. Not only did the headset itself require cooling due to the SoC situated on the front, but the general heat build-up will likely be reduced now as a result.

You can watch both teardown videos down below. There is the full PlayStation VR2 Sense Controller teardown followed by the PlayStation VR2 headset teardown underneath it. PS VR2 is expected to launch on 22 February.

PlayStation VR2 Sense Controller Teardown

PlayStation VR2 Headset Teardown

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