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PlayStation Will Attend Tokyo Game Show This Year

After dropping out of Gamescom for another year, PlayStation has suddenly confirmed that it will attend Tokyo Game Show 2024. This marks the first time since 2019 that Sony Interactive Entertainment has attended the annual Japan-based gaming convention. Furthermore, Tokyo Game Show says this year’s event will be the “largest ever.”

Tokyo Game Show 2024 is set to take place from 26-29 September and feature a number of major publishers and developers. PlayStation has thrown its hat in the ring and will now attend this year’s event, though it’s unclear what Sony plans to exhibit there. Some have speculated titles like Astro Bot, Phantom Blade Zero and Monster Hunter Wilds could make appearances but we’ll have to wait for an official confirmation from the company.

Sony was technically present at Tokyo Game Show last year too, though in a limited capacity as it only showcased a handful of independent titles and nothing from its major first-party studios. This year seems to be different as PlayStation will likely bring its upcoming heavy-hitters to the event. The company also seems a lot more involved this year too, so hopefully it means some unexpected reveals and surprises.

Alongside PlayStation, both Konami and Capcom have also been confirmed to attend Tokyo Game Show 2024, with several other big Japanese publishers also listed.

2024 seems to be a quiet year for PlayStation. According to a previous report, Sony has multiple big first-party games planned for release in 2025. However, this year mostly relied on exclusivity deals with third-party companies, grabbing PS5 exclusivity for Stellar Blade, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Rise of the Ronin. Astro Bot will also launch in late 2024. While it has the potential to become one of Sony’s big IPs, it’s hardly on the level of anticipation for the publisher’s major first-party games.

Tokyo Game Show will officially take place from 26-29 September in Tokyo, Japan. Stay tuned for more news.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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