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PlayStation Working on Game Pass Competitor Called “Spartacus”

Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription cannot compete with Microsoft’s Game Pass service on any level. We recently covered how abysmally PlayStation Plus was in 2021 as Sony gave us free-to-play games, demos and DLC ridden titles. Thankfully, it seems that Sony is working on a new subscription plan service called project “Spartacus” and it is set to rival Xbox Game Pass.

According to Bloomberg, the service will merge the likes of PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus into one subscription. Sony still plans on keeping the PlayStation Plus brand but the PlayStation Now name will be phased out. In addition, the new service is set to have three tiers one could subscribe to.

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One tier would offer the current PlayStation Plus perks such as monthly games and online gaming. The other will include a range of PS4 games and “eventually” PS5 games that are accessible to all players. The third is the top-tier plan that includes the previous two perks as well as extended demos, game streaming and classic games such as PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP.

It is unclear yet how this classic games collection will work but Bloomberg claims that Sony is looking at a cloud gaming solution for the project. The company is expected to launch the service within the first half of 2022.

We have also heard that Sony doesn’t plan on including new first-party games in the service like Microsoft does with Xbox Game Pass. This means when games like God of War: Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West releases, these titles won’t arrive on the new service. Instead, Sony seems to be looking at this project as a way to grant players instant access to a massive roster of titles. The classic games will also be a perk for those who enjoy the older library.

Sadly, at this point, it sounds like this will rely on a cloud feature similar to PlayStation Now. The service isn’t available in South Africa so we can only hope when Sony launches Spartacus, they plan on supporting the country with servers too.

Source: Bloomberg

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